Look on the road!

13 October 2015

An airstream, a group of friends, and the desire to travel with no destination! The road is life, the road is adventure, the road is friendship! Emotions pervaded with the charming flavor of the experienced denim, resistant, rough and mature. This is the mood of the latest FiftyFour shootings, realized on the road for the Fall-Winter collection 2015-16. In this trip called life, emotions dress in denim, wool, and twines. Sweatshirts and jackets warm up the skin, while their natural nuances open a passage in the greyness of winter. Music, freedom and life share our passion for an informal and genuine look, that is nevertheless refines in tissues and details. Just like friendship, FF style is spontaneous and true; the polished outfits represent the brand’s true soul: personality, spontaneity and underground look. To travel without destinations…what matters is to go! Fifty Four is Jeans, Fifty Four is freedom!

Concept: Mind In Action | Photo: Charl Marais | Art Direction: Alice Di Paolo | Stylist: Elena Manferdini | Ricerca Props: Eleonora Ardenghi | Set Designer: Valentina Carta | Hair Stylist: Walter Sinico | Location: Milan – ITALY