The denim sound

5 March 2014

An uninhabitated villa, between ancient walls and signs of past stories, while a noise of tales gone by fills the stairs and the abandoned rooms. A rock wave suddenly rattles everything. The piercing odor of wild denim explodes. The rebellious souls of a group of friends burn out with all their energy, smashing and old painting frame, which starts to takes shape: that is the distinctive mood of the last shots of FiftyFour campaign. In the new spring-summer collection, the FiftyFour garments first wrap up your soul, and later your skin. Lingering around the garments, you can feel the sensation of a transgression lived through the free spirit of rock music. Black and grey in the winter line are swept away by impetous and overwhelming noises. The intense shots and the vintage, wild aftertaste find their perfect match in the style of the new collection. FiftyFour’s outfits are full of personality and represent, with originality and strength, the true meaning of the brand.

Concept: Mind In Action | Photo: Stefano Bidini | Stylist: Emily Lee | Art Buyer: Elena Siani | Hair Stylist: Michele Garziano | Location: Casa Bossi, Novara (NO) – Italy